About Us

From it’s inaugural event in September 2005, the Gower Bluegrass Festival has been a catalyst of innovation for the music. From it’s humble roots as a get together for musicians and singers followed by a concert, Gower Bluegrass is now host to a range of activities throughout the year including regular picking sessions and bluegrass workshops


 Gower Bluegrass Festival


The event has gained in reputation and continues to attract musicians from South Wales and further afield across the Severn Bridge. Bluegrass enthusiasts have the opportunity to take advantage of our open picking sessions and participate in our instrumental workshops. Featuring some great Welsh and British bands over the past 10 years including Cedar Hill, New Essex Bluegrass Band,  Thunderbridge Bluegrass Boys, A Band Like Alice, Hatful of Rain, Blossom Hill, Jaywalkers, Grass Snakes and many more…

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Picking Sessions

Practice for people of all skills in a welcoming environment. Whether you’re a singer or musician, skilled or never held an instrument in your life, we’re open to everyone and would be glad to have you come along. We can even lend you an instrument!GOWER BLUEGRASS 2005 020

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“I’ve been playing the banjo now for coming up to 7 months from having never picked up an instrument before (other than a trombone as a kid). I am really enjoying the journey, and am really fortunate to have a great group of bluegrass folk ( Roland Emmanuel and the Gower bluegrass society ) a picking group near by which I have started attending and loving it !”  –  Mark Daniel





Bluegrass Workshops

A chance to learn and practice your instrument skills. With support from our ever growing community with a range of expertise to hand. It’s a great chance to learn to play an instrument you’d always wanted to! Combined with our site there’s a wealth of information and friendly advice to hand at all times.

Check our events page for upcoming dates and venues…